National Sorry Day

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We encourage all members to commemorate the anniversary of The Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples in their workplaces. RSVP to register your interest for organising an event, and we'll provide support to help make it happen. We'd also like to include any stories or photos about these events in our next Educator magazine:

Here are some ideas from the National Sorry Day Committee to help you plan your event: 

For all commemorations a Welcome to Country or an Acknowledgement of Country should always take place at the commencement of the event. There are a number of commemorative elements that you could integrate into your event that can contribute toward healing and reconciliation, such as:

  •  A minute’s silence, to remember the Stolen Generations; 
  • ‘Smoking Ceremony’, in order to cleanse the area and to rid the participants of what is not needed. This should be led by a locally respected and appropriate lal Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community member;
  • A flag raising ceremony (to either full or half-mast), where the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and the Australian Flags are raised, to show the respect that the event has for all Australian peoples;
  • Play the Nomad Apology clip (It’s time), a powerful clip, that will help motivate and inspire those in attendance
  • Light candles for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were taken away;
  • Visit a local site of historical significance for the Stolen Generations. We recommend you speak to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members when identifying places of significance.

For more information and resources, visit and

Contact Suki Dorras-Walker at if you have any questions.

May 26, 2016 at 12pm - 3pm
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