New School Uniform Policy

You're invited to provide input into AEU ACT's submission on ETD's new school uniform policy.

As reported at November 21 Branch Council, we intend to submit in regard to the following matters:

  • Uniforms should be purchased from ethically accredited businesses wherever possible
  • Uniform policy should not be discriminatory against any students, particularly transgender, intersex or queer students.
  • Uniform policy should not impose a financial burden on low-SES students and families.
  • Finalisation of the policy should be preceded by an analysis of workload impact; additional resources should be provided where there is additional work; Section Q Guidelines must be adhered to
  • There must be maximum input from staff, students, parents and other members of the school community in considering any change to the status quo.

Following an announcement by the Minister for Education on 25 September 2015 about school uniform standards in ACT public high schools, ETD has released a Draft Dress Standards and Uniforms in ACT Public Schools policy for consultation. If adopted, the policy would ‘entail a school uniform for primary and high school students’.

All information about ETD's new draft policy can be found here:

Contact AEU ACT Communications & Research Officer, Tom Greenwell (, 6272 7900) if you'd like to discuss our union's response to the new policy. 

Provide your input into the AEU ACT submission using this feedback form. 

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