AEU Analysis of ETD Offer

The ETD offer does not satisfactorily address our core claim for reduced face-to-face hours and does not offer a nationally competitive salary package.

AEU analysis of ETD offer

Our Claim

ETD Response

Reduced face-to-face teaching hours to make time for professional learning communities.

  • “The Government’s position is that there will be no reduction in maximum face-to-face teaching hours for teachers and school leaders.”
  • ETD is proposing that three of the compulsory Professional Learning days be distributed across teaching weeks (instead of during stand-down). Once again, our employer is indicating meaningful professional learning is important, as long as it comes out of teachers’ time. They won’t properly resource it.
  • Nothing is offered to reduce workload levels that the SiAS survey revealed is well above the national average and the OECD has shown is much higher than that of international colleagues.

Nationally competitive salaries


  • The Government’s offer almost certainly would see the majority of our teachers slip into the bottom half of the states and territories salary table by the end of the agreement. Being 5th in the country behind Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria and NSW is far from “nationally competitive”.
  • Salary justice for ACT teachers was achieved off the back of a strong and sustained member campaign in 2011-2012, when we climbed from last to 3rd in the country. We cannot allow ACT teachers to slip back.
  • In other recent ACT Public Service Agreements (such as with Canberra’s nurses), the initial increase has been 3% or $2550 (whichever is the greater). A blanket 3% increase would significantly short-change New Educators (eg, first year teachers would only get only $1825). All educators under the penultimate salary step would get less than $2550.

Principal remuneration and career structure which provides increases in remuneration which recognise the increased and increasing complexity of principal work and which ensure principal salaries in the ACT are nationally competitive.


  • ETD have offered a range of rhetoric about “transitional arrangements” (p.13) and promises to “develop the revised structure” (p.13). We need a new, functioning principal salary structure in this EA from Day 1, not eighteen months or more down the line.
  • Seeks to have all principal jobs go straight to open merit, removing the current entitlement of access a long-standing arrangement to gain experiences and share expertise across a range of placements within our vibrant system.

Guaranteed indoor temperature between 17° and 30° in all workplaces at all times.  Discussion of minimum and maximum temperatures for outdoor work.


  • This claim has not yet been discussed.

That teachers of VET have a reduced face to face teaching load equivalent to or pro rata of one line for every four lines of VET classes.


  • Discussions are not finalised on this matter.

That a maximum psychologist:student ratio of 1:500 be recognised in ACT public schools in line with the NSW Coroner’s recommendation, and the number of FTE positions increased accordingly.


  • Discussions are not finalised on this matter.
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