Transfer Round 2015

Teachers will be notified of the outcome of the transfer round from today. The AEU ACT office team is here to support members through the process.

Please contact us at or on 6272 7900 if you would like any support in regard to the results of your application in the transfer round. Please note the office often experiences a high volume of requests for support at this time of year, so there may be some delays. 

To help us provide the best assistance possible, it will help if you can provide the following information:

  • Was your application for a voluntary transfer (or “early access”)?
  • Was your application triggered by a 2015 end date?
  • Did you apply for an extension at your current school?
  • Were you an NDIS impacted person?
  • Have you been on 2 or more 12 month contracts (or shorter)?
  • Did you apply in the 2014 transfer round?
  • Are there any issues that have arisen regarding personal conflict or grievances after the transfer process was initiated?
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