Poll Shows Community Support For Educators

The overwhelming majority of Canberrans support our position in the dispute with the ACT Government over a new Enterprise Agreement.

The Canberra Times has today published the results of polling we commissioned that shows very high support for our position amongst the Canberra community.

The polling shows:

  • 66% of Canberrans agree with employing more administrative staff to free up teachers' time.

  • 67.4% believe employing more teachers across Canberra schools represents a good investment.

  • 69% believe a teacher's job is tougher than ever.

  • 94% support enhanced continuous professional collaboration.

  • 78% support increasing the number of qualified psychologists in our schools.

The results in themselves significantly increase pressure on the Government to come to an acceptable settlement.

They also show us that, in the regrettable situation industrial action proves necessary, we have the community behind us.


Teachers commission poll showing community is in their corner, Emma MacDonald, The Canberra Times, June 5 2015

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