Two Ways Preschool Assistants Can Progress Up the Salary Scale

In addition to direct salary increases, the new Enterprise Agreement provides PreSchool Assistants two means of progressing up the salary scale.

Step 1. Progressing through the competency barrier

These guidelines explain how preschool assistants can progress through the ‘ competency (soft) salary barrier’ between increment level 5 and increment level 6: School Assistant 2/3 Preschool Assistant Competency Guidelines.

Step 2. Accelerated Increment Advancement

Preschool Assistants who have successfully progressed through the competency barrier are able to apply for Accelerated Incremental Advancement. It's possible to accelerate through two increments in any 12 month period. 

i. Submit a request for accelerated incremental advancement in writing to your principal. 

ii. Your principal then completes a Justification for Payment Above Base Salary Form.

iii. The completed form should be sent to Ms Julie Wrigley in the Education and Training Directorate ( There's also a Shared Services return address on the form but we recommend its sent straight to Julie.

iv. Please do not hesitate to contact Julie Wrigley on 59264 if you need assistance in this process.

v. Assessment of applications are made based on information provided in the Justification for Payment Above Base Salary Form. The Enterprise Agreement (Section C 5.7) outlines the criteria for assessment.

5.7  In considering whether to approve payment at a higher pay point ... the head of service will take into account such factors as:

a)  the employee’s:

i. qualifications, and

ii. relevant work and personal experience, and

iii. current pay, and

iv. ability to make an immediate contribution; and

b) difficulties in attracting and retaining suitable employees.

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