School leaders' EA Claim

Principals and Deputy Principals met at Erindale College on Thursday the 13th to discuss the school leader component of our enterprise agreement claim.

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Thanks again to those who attended the meeting last Thursday and to those who provided their views by email. The group reached consensus on a set of claims for School Leaders. These will be moved as amendments to our claim at Saturday's meeting of AEU ACT Branch Council on Saturday.  

That terms, conditions, a career and remuneration structure be developed for principals which is in operation from the start date of the new Enterprise Agreement and which:

  • Provides increases in remuneration which recognise the increased and increasing complexity of principal work and which ensure principal salaries in the ACT are nationally competitive;
  • Provides a simple and transparent assessment and recognition of the workload comprising the relative complexities identified in, among other documents, the 'Review of Principal Structure (2012)', the five leadership areas of professional practice described in the ‘ACT School Leadership Strategy’ and the loadings for disadvantage funded in the ‘Heads of Agreement between the Commonwealth Government of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory on National Education Reform’.
  • Provides for a minimum of maintenance of remuneration over the duration of a placement;
  • Provides incentive for principals to work in a school with particular challenges/opportunities and which may have a lower category;
  • Provides principals with the opportunity to enhance their leadership capabilities by working in different schools and system roles;
  • Provides that all principal vacancies be advertised at transfer in the first instance;
  • Provides for the accrual by principals and deputy principals of two weeks of professional leadership development time for each year of service in a substantive principal or deputy principal role, to be acquitted in blocks of a duration negotiated with their supervisor; and
  • Provides for the full financial support by the Directorate of principal certification against the Australian Principal Standard upon its introduction.

The following document sets our principal classifications and salaries nationally:

Principal Classifications Across Australian Jurisdictions 


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