Professional Learning in the New Enterprise Agreement

New arrangements around professional learning should make it more helpful and relevant.

Annual Professional Learning Program

Under the new Agreement, the following we are required to perform the following professional learning each year:

  • A system day
  • A school day
  • Professional learning communities – 15 hours annually

Professional Learning Community Program

Professional learning communities (PLCs) already operate in many schools. They’re a chance for you to get together with your colleagues, reflect on your practice and learn from each other. PLCs should mean we all feel more supported in our work.  This kind of professional learning should be relevant because it will address challenges you are facing in the here and now.  It shouldn’t be additional work as much as help and support from trusted colleagues in the work you’re doing.

The Section P Guidelines: Annual Professional Learning Program state:

“Professional learning community programs include, but are not limited to:

• peer observation in the classroom, reflection and feedback;
• analysis of evidence for student learning
• examination and development of teaching practices to meet student learning needs
• school based action research groups”

It also suggests a structured release program in which colleagues do things like collaborative planning and analysis of student assessment data.

Meeting Professional Learning Requirements for TQI Registration

The Annual Professional Learning Program should be more than enough for you to meet professional learning requirements for TQI registration. The system day will be TQI-Accredited which addresses the requirement for a minimum of 5 hours of TQI-Accredited professional learning. The school day may be TQI-Accredited as well. Some or all of the 15 hours of PLC time could be used to meet the minimum teacher-identified professional learning time and the overall requirement for 20 hours of professional learning annually.

Section P Guidelines: Annual Professional Learning Program

Section P6 - P8 - Professional Learning and Development, 2014 - 2018 ETD Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement



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