Proposed Rule Change

A special meeting of Branch Council will be held at HBCTL at 5.30 on Thursday May 15 to consider and vote on a proposed change to AEU ACT rules.

Changes to Commonwealth law mean that every 'financial officer' of a union is required to receive a full day's financial training.

As things stand, all councillors - over 100 of us - will need a full day's financial training before June 30.

Given this is logistically challenging, it's proposed that financial control of our union be transferred from Council to our elected 15 member Executive.

The June 30 deadline means there is some urgency but it's a significant change so a vote will be held at a special meeting of Branch Council which will be held on Thursday 15 May, 5.30 -6.30pm at HBCTL. Councillors, please rsvp here.

It's hoped all members will have a chance to reflect on the proposed changes and convey their views to their councillor before then.

Further information:

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