Report-back from July 25 Council

Ongoing concerns with HAAS; the new EA - what we've won; federal election coming soon; 'WILD' this Friday; Expert panel on students with complex needs; School Assistant Week; the transfer round and more.

The next meeting of Branch Council is on Saturday September 5 (week 7). Download the PDF version of this report.

EA – What We Claimed And What We Won

Glenn Fowler reviewed the major achievements of our Enterprise Agreement campaign including a 12.6% pay rise over four years; extra schools assistants across the system to provide each school 500 – 900 hours of administrative support each year; additional school psychologists; commitments to maximise permanent employment and to provide certainty for teachers nearing retirement; extra support for new educators and more. Read the full report.

Health Access At Schools (HAAS) Program: Survey Results and Resolution

Feedback from ACT Health HAAS Focus Groups
Member Survey 

Council passed the following resolution.

Council acknowledges the broad consultation that has occurred within the AEU ACT Branch membership, including through a member survey and member meetings, on the question of the Healthcare Access at School (HAAS) program.

Council requests the Secretary to prepare a submission for the current ACT Government review into HAAS which reflects the following principles:

  • All young people have the right to access a school education
  • It is not always practical or desirable for education staff to carry out individual complex healthcare procedures
  • Education staff involvement in individual complex healthcare procedures associated with the HAAS program or equivalent should be mutually agreed between the education staff member and the manager
  • Responsibility for the performance management of education staff regarding their HAAS –related duties must sit with ACT Health and not school principals
  • Education staff participating in HAAS or equivalent must be funded and supported to achieve the pre-requisite skills as part of formal accredited training through a recognised training provider in addition to the specific healthcare procedures relevant to the identified student or students with whom they are directly working
  • Education staff participating in HAAS or equivalent must receive commensurate remuneration, to be negotiated with the AEU, for performing this role
  • At least one registered nurse should be present at all times in specialist schools
  • The AEU is open to negotiations to address the unique circumstances at a given site

Women In Leadership Development (WILD) Course 

Join ACTU President, Ged Kearney, and ACT MLA and Minister, Yvette Berry, for an intensive one-day workshop on being a woman in leadership in education, in our movement and beyond! Find out more:

Expert Panel on Students With Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviours

You are invited to provide input to the AEU submission (due this Friday) by emailing Tom Greenwell ( Any issues, suggestions, cases or data that you would like to share are welcome. All information will be completely de-identified if used in our submission.

Build A Better Future Federal Election Campaign

The ACTU is preparing for the possibility of a federal election happening this October. If the Abbott Government wins a second term, two thirds of the Gonski funding will never be delivered. We plan to make a difference by campaigning in Eden-Monaro where, last election, the Liberals won the seat by only 1085 votes. Keep up to date and get involved at .

Minister Rejects Our Request for Review of the TQI Legislation

As previously reported members, Executive passed a resolution calling for a review of the legislation which governs the TQI. Minister Burch has rejected this proposal. Read more.

National School Support Staff Week

Download the poster for your sub-branch noticeboard.

School assistants, coffee and cake are on us!
August 18 at Ricardo's, Jamison;
August 19 at Tilley's in Lyneham;
August 20 at Little Istanbul, Tuggeranong

Transfer Round

The AEU conducted an information session for members on the transfer round in Week 1. Please contact the AEU office if you need support ( 6272 7900). Download the Transfer Round Timetable.

‘Don’t Mess With Marriage’ Campaign in Schools

Glenn Fowler wrote to the Chief Minister expressing profound concern regarding materials distributed to children in ACT Catholic schools, opposing equal marriage.  

Letter to Chief Minister
Chief Minister's Reply

Telopea Park Tennis Courts

The Chief Minister’s reply to our correspondence concerning the proposal to excise a portion of Telopea Park School was tabled.

Condemnation of Border Force Act

AEU ACT Branch Council condemns the Abbott Government’s draconian Border Force Act which provides criminal penalties, including gaol terms of up to two years, for employees who make public details of conditions in detention centres. Council strongly asserts that teachers and other professionals in detention centres must be free to report suspicions of abuse of children without the threat of gaol. Indeed it is a sign of a modern civil society that its citizens be encouraged to identify and assist in the eradication of the abuse of people we have an international obligation to protect. Council notes that teachers around the country have a legal duty to report suspected child abuse, and may face penalties for not doing so, yet this Government wants them to leave their ethical and legal responsibilities behind when they enter detention centres. Teachers must be able to tell the truth about what is happening to protect vulnerable children whose welfare must take priority over the government’s desire to maintain the secrecy of its detention regime. Council further contends that no children should be in detention centres – instead they should be integrated into the community and receive an education. Council requests the Secretary to convey these sentiments to the Minister for Immigration and the Prime Minister.

Resolution on Light Rail

Council thanks Alex White and Max Flint for enhancing its understanding of the Capital Metro Light Rail project and notes the range of issues involved. As a union of educators, AEU ACT’s campaigning and advocacy in regard to the ACT election will focus on the numerous pressing issues concerning ACT schools and CIT.

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