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Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise Agreements are at the core of what we do as a union. By bargaining for fair pay and conditions in Agreements with the employer - then making sure the provisions are implemented and adhered to in in practice - we improve our working lives and the outcomes of our students. Familiarity with your Enterprise Agreement empowers you in your workplace. 

School Teaching Enterprise Agreement (2014 - 2018) and agreed guidelines and procedures 

School Assistants Enterprise Agreement (2013 - 2017)

CIT Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement (2013 - 2017)

Sub-Branch Leaders

2017 Sub-Branch Nomination Form

2017 Branch Council Allocations

2016 Sub-Branch Representatives

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Role Descriptions

Sub-branch Executive and Councillors - Roles and Responsibilities

Sub-branch New Educator Contact Officer Role Description

Sub-Branch Women's Contact Officer Role Description

Role of the Workplace Safety Representative


More Resources for Sub-branches

Getting Involved In Your Union

Recruiting New Members

Sub-Branch Rules

Six Pathways for Sub-branch Action

Making Sense of Formal Meeting Procedure

Suggested Meeting Procedures

Handling Motions and Amendments

How Motions Work

Resolving Workplace Disputes

Workplace Safety/ Workload Training: Key Points


Branch Executive and Branch Council

Branch Executive Rules

Branch Council Rules

Branch Council Standing Orders

Committee Representatives Report Proforma

Proforma For Use When Rotating Branch Council Positions

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