Rule Change Endorsed


A special meeting of Branch Council has endorsed a change of AEU ACT rules.

Updated May 24: In accordance with Regulation 126 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009, AEU ACT Secretary, Glenn Fowler, made a declaration to the Fair Work Commission on May 23 regarding rule changes endorsed by Council on May 15.

Declaration by AEU ACT Secretary, Glenn Fowler, to the Fair Work Commission

Branch Council met at the Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching & Learning on Thursday the 15th to consider proposed changes to AEU ACT rules concerning financial management of our union.

Council endorsed a motion transferring financial responsibility from itself to our 15 member elected Executive. Subject to the rule change being approved by Fair Work Australia, this means councillors will not need to receive a day of financial training that, due to recent legal changes, are now an obligation for all 'financial officers' of unions. Members of Executive will need to receive the financial training and that will be provided to them prior to June 30.

Council passed a second motion endorsing a new procedure for recruiting staff to the AEU ACT office.

Council remains the ultimate decision-making body of our union (and, as such, is able to rescind the decision it made last night at any time in the future). Financial reports will continue to be provided to Council and audited annual financial reports will continue to be provided to all members. A range of remedies are available to councillors and members who may wish to contest financial decisions. Above all, as AEU members, we elect our Executive and it is thus democratically accountable to us.

Further information:

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