Save Early Intervention!

The ACT Government has announced it is ceasing provision of early intervention services.

Resolution of July 31 AEU Members Early Intervention Meeting

This meeting believes that the cessation of Early Intervention programs, including hearing and vision programs, is being committed with undue haste and will lead to the loss of an extensive pool of experienced educators.  This will have a detrimental impact on children with special needs (some of whom will not be able to access the NDIS at all), their families and communities and the broader ACT public education system.

We believe that reconsideration of the timing and scope of this transition, with a view to a significantly expanded timetable, is necessary and we call on our union to advocate for such arrangements. We believe educational considerations are paramount and there should be early intervention services which are educational in nature.

This meeting also believes that within any so-called choice agenda there should always be the option of an early intervention public education provision that has thus far provided excellent service.

Closing Early Intervention Centres will hurt children with disabilities

Australian Education Union ACT believes the proposed closure of ACT Government Early Intervention Centres is a mistake which will reduce support for children with disabilities. We all support the NDIS and the idea that people with disabilities should have choice and control over the services they need. Unfortunately, the ACT Government is undermining choice. It is removing the option for people to choose the service they’re using at the moment: publicly provided early intervention centres. Find out more about what's happened: ACT Government Withdrawing From Early Intervention Services.

Mother, Jennifer Merriman, writes:

"Since my daughter Leira was born she was diagnosed as being developmentally delayed, amongst other medical issues. When she turned two she started at an Early Intervention Unit and did so until starting school. It is my belief that Leira would not be where she is today without the benefits of Early Intervention. Our youngest son Rhye has been attending various therapies due to his developmental delay and one of the most important is the Early Intervention Unit that he currently attends.

The ACT Government are going to close the Early Intervention Units and Programs that currently service 330 families and an overwhelming waiting list. These programs are specifically for children aged 2 to school age that have learning challenges.

There is currently no other alternative business or organisation that is operating in the ACT that we can go to with our children.

With the support of Andrew Wall, Shadow Minister of Disability, we are aiming to overturn this decision. We want the programs to continue running until there is an alternative provider in the ACT that our children can go to."

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