School Assistant Entitlement to TOIL and Paid Overtime

Where attendance at staff meetings is required outside of ordinary hours of work, you are entitled to Time Off In Lieu or paid overtime.

School assistant members have raised a number of queries in recent times - this advice will help you know your rights.

Key Points

  • Where employees work beyond ordinary hours of work in a fortnight they must have access to Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) or payment of overtime. This is specified at section T2.9 'Ordinary Hours of Work' (p.152) of the current enterprise agreement.

  • Where school assistants are required to attend to duties in addition to ordinary hours of work, they are entitled to either Time Off in Lieu or paid overtime. The ETD advice specifies staff meetings as a duty which should be compensated with TOIL of paid overtime.

  • Access to TOIL or paid overtime, in cases where work is performed outside of ordinary hours, should be negotiated between you and your principal. If you need support in this negotiation, speak to your AEU sub-branch representatives or contact the AEU office (6272 7900,

Education & Training Directorate Advice

Below is a document produced by the Education and Training Directorate which, though slightly out of date, is their most up-to-date advice and is substantially correct. The reference to N1.8 should be to T2.9 'Ordinary Hours of Work' (p.152) and N1.9 has been replaced by T2.10 in the current agreement.

Download ETD HR advice on attendance and breaks for school assistants

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