School Assistants Vote Yes!


3375 in favour. 119 against. It's a deal!

An overwhelming vote of support means the ACT Public Service Administrative and Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 which covers school assistants as well as many other ACT public servants will soon come into effect.

By the close of polling at 11:59pm on 22 April, 3495 of the 7347 eligible voters had cast a ballot.  

There were 3375 'Yes' votes, 119 'No' votes and one informal vote.

Elections ACT’s netVote system was used to administer electronic voting. Additionally, 555 postal ballot packages were issued. Votes were counted at Elections ACT on 23 April by four permanent Elections ACT staff members. 
What we've won:

The endorsement of the agreement represents the successful conclusion of a long and hard-fought campaign by school assistants for greater recognition for the crucial role we play in our schools.

Key wins include:

• Flat rate wage increase of $1770 to be back paid to July 2013 and then six 1.5% increases each over remaining 3 years

• Preschool Assistants to be transferred to the SA2/3 Classification and are eligible to apply to progress through the competency barrier

• Planning and Preparation time for all school assistants

• Review of all classifications, remuneration, career paths, qualifications, allowances etc. to be completed within 12 months of FWC approval

What happens next?

The various parties have 14 days from the announcement of the result to complete their paperwork before the agreement is submitted to Fair Work Australia for its approval. Upon approval by Fair Work Australia, the agreement comes into effect. At that point, the employer will back-pay pay increases from July 2013.



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