Nominations Open For Branch Secretary and President

Nominations are required to be lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission by November 17.

Branch President & Secretary Nomination Form


AEU ACT Branch Secretary

The current two year term for Branch Secretary expires on 31st December 2014. Financial AEU members are invited to nominate for the position for 2015/ 2016. Nominations close on November 17.
In the case that there is more than one nomination, a ballot of AEU ACT members will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.   

The Branch Secretary is the most senior position in our branch. The Secretary is a voting member of Branch Council and Branch Executive and the senior manager of AEU ACT staff. The role of the Secretary is outlined in AEU ACT Branch Rules as follows. 

The Branch Secretary will, subject to any direction of the Branch Council and Branch Executive:

  • be the Chief Officer of the Branch;
  • exercise control over and conduct the affairs of the Branch;
  • ensure that the Rules of the Union and the Branch are adhered to at all times;
  • provide political, industrial and professional leadership to the ACT Branch of the AEU;
  • manage the finances of the Branch;
  • manage the professional and administrative staff of the Branch;
  • attend all meetings of the Branch Council and Branch Executive and such other meetings as directed and be responsible for keeping minutes of those meetings;
  • keep all documents/vouchers/papers belonging to the Branch;
  • summon within a reasonable time the first meeting of any committee appointed by Branch Council or Branch Executive;
  • be the registered officer of the Branch and the officer to sue and be sued on behalf of the Branch;
  • organise all returns required by the Act for the approval of Branch Council or Branch Executive and ensure the submission of the returns to the Industrial Registrar in accordance with the Act;
  • supervise the register of the Branch;
  • notify Sub-Branch Secretaries of the names of members allocated to Sub-Branches;
  • Inform Sub-Branches of the business set down for Branch Council including proposed amendments to the Federal Branch Rules;
  • perform any other duties as prescribed by the Federal Rules or Federal Branch Rules.

AEU ACT Branch President

The term of the President will also expire at the end of this year and nominations for the 2015-2016 term are now called for.

In the case that there is more than one nomination, a ballot of AEU ACT members will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.  

The role of President is outlined in AEU ACT rules. The Branch President will

  • be an honorary position and will represent the Union as required
  • preside at all meetings of Branch Executive, Branch Council, Stop Work meetings and Mass meetings;
  • when presiding over a meeting exercise a casting vote. In respect of any election held by such meeting she or he shall nevertheless have the right as a member of the Union to cast a vote.

Read our Branch Rules for more information.

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