Stand With Us To Defend Paid Parental Leave

The Turnbull Government is planning to take the Federal Paid Parental Leave Scheme off AEU members. We need your help to stop this attack on working women.

80,000 new mothers across Australia, including many AEU members, will lose access to some or all of the Federal Paid Parental Leave Scheme. This will take up to $11,500 out of family budgets and force many women to return to work after having children, before they or their babies are ready. 

Sign the ACTU petition calling upon cross bench Senators to vote against the Abbott Government’s savage cuts to the Federal Paid Parental Leave Scheme:

If you are on maternity leave, planning a family, working part-time or who want to support the AEU in telling the Senate to save The Federal Paid Parental Leave, please let us know. We need people who would be able to attend a rally at Parliament House at short notice. And yes! We want you to bring your children.

The Senate will be sitting from the first week in February and the Bill will be tabled soon after. Click here to let us know you want to help us tell the cross-bench to save Paid Parental Leave.

For more information, read What AEU Members Need To Know About Paid Parental Leave and contact AEU ACT Women's Officer, Sue Amundsen ( 62727900).


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