Statement on Proposed Changes to Workers' Compensation

The AEU assures members that proposed changes will be diligently scrutinised and members’ interests will be vigorously represented through the consultation process.

As the Head of Service, Kathy Leigh, emailed members and was reported in The Canberra Times, the ACT Government has announced it is leaving ComCare and is embarking on consultation around the design of a new workers’ compensation scheme.

All unions representing ACT public servants, including AEU ACT, were advised of the proposed changes, yesterday (Wednesday, February 25th).

There is now a six week consultation period through which we will respond to the proposed changes and seek to ensure that none are of detriment to the interests of working people.

We are currently absorbing the information that has been provided to us and consulting with colleagues in other unions.

We assure members that we will exhaustively scrutinise proposed changes.

If insufficient detail has been provided about the proposed dimensions of a new scheme, we will pursue it.

Together, with other ACT unions, we will provide a response aimed at ensuring that anybody injured at work is compensated fairly.

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