No - A Strike Doesn't Loom. Canberra Times Fail.

In fact constructive discussions, focused on addressing excessive workload, are occurring.

A Message from Glenn & Andy


The Canberra Times published this article online late Sunday night correcting the record and explaining that, in fact, strike action isn't looming: Teachers union denies a strike is looming.

Canberra Times Incorrect

Strike action isn't looming. Constructive discussions are continuing between the Australian Education Union and Education & Training Directorate negotiating teams. If we were to even consider industrial action, it would be debated and voted on by Branch Council. Fair Work Australia would then conduct a ballot of all members.

Headline Not Backed Up By Article

If you've seen the article you will have noticed that, as is sometimes the way, it bears only a loose relation to the headline.

In the article, Glenn explains that teachers need "... a reduction in teaching hours to ensure they could spend more time on training. He said some primary school teachers were working up to 50 hours a week at present. Essentially they're giving up to 13-14 hours a week beyond what they should be expected to give," Mr Fowler said.

"We surveyed them a couple of months ago and 98 per cent of ACT teachers said that the number of tasks they're asked to do has increased over the past five years."

Glenn did say: "... every now and then we have to stand collectively and insist on what we need." This of course is a statement of fact. It does not mean strike action is 'looming'.


The headline of the online version was less misleading but still inaccurate.


The Real Story

We understand The Canberra Times needs to sell papers but the reality is that after conducting our teacher focus groups in December, Government negotiators are for the first time beginning to understand the workload issues we're facing.

Constructive discussions are continuing at the bargaining table.

AEU Members Decide If And When We Take Industrial Action

If the regrettable situation arises where we need to consider industrial action, it will be a decision for all AEU members. The matter would first be put to a vote of representatives from all ACT schools at ACT Branch Council. Fair Work Australia would then conduct a ballot of all AEU members. A majority would be necessary before we could legally take industrial action.

But that decision-point, if it arises at all, is some time in the future.



The headline of the Sunday Canberra Times (1/2/2015) was incorrect and misleading.

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