Sub-branch Feedback on EA Negotiations

AEU ACT Branch Council resolved on Saturday March 21 that reduced face-to-face hours should be part of any agreement we make with the employer. Now we are testing whether the membership as a whole supports the decision made by Council. Please provide feedback from your sub-branch using this form.

Resolution passed by Branch Council, March 21 2015

Council acknowledges the work done with the employer to explore alternative models for teacher workload reduction to create the space teachers need to collaborate meaningfully during the working week. The work is positive but not sufficient of itself.

Council instructs AEU negotiators to inform ETD that the Union requires further consideration of its claim to reduce face-to-face teaching hours.

Councillors agree to seek the views of their sub-branch on the above decision and to provide feedback to the Branch Secretary using the template provided.

1. Sub-branch details

Please indicate: the name of your sub-branch; the date of the meeting held to discuss March 21 Council's resolution; and the (approximate) number in attendance at the meeting.
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