Tony Doesn't Give A Gonski

This National Public Education Day, we are calling on Tony Abbott to honour the Gonski agreement. Can you call Tony and ask him to commit to the last two years of Gonski funding?

The phone number for Prime Minister Abbott's office is 6277 7700. 

Below is an example of what you could say on the phone call. Remember that your call will be more powerful if you tell your personal story, rather than following the script exactly.

Hi my name is …………………. and I’m a school teacher in the ACT.

I’m calling because today is National Public Education Day, and I want to remind Prime Minister Abbott that public schools funding and Gonski are important issues for the community, despite the lack of progress from the Federal Government.

Public schools are important to me because … (Give a personal reason why public education is important to you)

The 2015 Budget will entrench disadvantage in Australian schools by failing to honour the last two years of the needs-based Gonski funding reforms.

We urgently need additional resources. In my school … (Give an example of how lack of resources is impacting you.)

I am disappointed that education has such a low priority in the 2015 Budget. Prime Minister Abbott needs to stick to his promise and deliver the last two years of Gonski funding.

Ask questions!

Feedback from people who have called the Prime Minister's Office indicates it's useful to ask questions as well as to share your views. Some questions you might ask are:

  • Why hasn't the Government budgeted the full Gonski funding for 2018 and 2019 when, before the election, it said it was on a unity ticket on school funding?

  • The additional funding recommended by the Gonski Review was based on the levels of resourcing currently enjoyed by schools where the overwhelming majority of students are achieving minimum standards. Do you disagree with this approach?
  • Before the election, you said you would honour the agreements Labor entered into. Why aren't you honouring the full six year agreements with the ACT and NSW Governments?
  • Before the election, you said you'd introduce the disability loading in 2015. When will you complete the national data collection and introduce the disability funding loadings?

Let us know how you went by commenting below!


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