TQI Registration for Relief Teachers

We're supporting relief teachers to make TQI registration practical.

The AEU broadly supports the role that the Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) plays in enhancing the status of the teaching profession.The AEU is working closely with TQI and the Education and Training Directorate (ETD) to ensure that the TQI’s program is implemented in a way that supports rather than inconveniences teachers – be they full-time, part-time or casual relief.

Relief teachers should not have to hunt down professional learning opportunities

For some time, the AEU has been raising the logistical issues associated with relief teachers meeting the TQI’s requirement that all teachers complete at least 100 hours of professional learning over a five year period (usually but not necessarily 20 hours per calendar year).

The AEU intends to request from the Director–General a full briefing as to how the fullest of professional learning opportunities will be presented to relief teachers across our system.

Relief teachers should not have to hunt down professional learning opportunities. There should be clear communication regarding the system’s professional learning offerings so that relief teachers feel informed and welcome to attend any sessions which support their professional needs.


Another important factor that must be considered is remuneration. Most teachers across the ACT will be paid for most if not all of the time that they are engaging in professional learning. As things stand now, this will not be the case for casual relief teachers. AEU staff will seek opportunities to engage members in a dialogue about the acceptability of this situation. It is possible that members will consider a claim around this matter as part of the upcoming Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations.

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