TQI Rego and Relief Teachers

On Wednesday 19th February, AEU ACT held an open invitation meeting for relief teachers to discuss our concerns on the implementation of TQI requirements for casual/relief teachers in the territory.

We support the Teacher Quality Institute in principle but we will continue to work to ensure that its implementation is fair and practicable for all educators, including relief teachers. The meeting was well attended with over 21 relief teachers participating in the discussion, and several non-members joining the union as a result of the debate.

  • A plan of action has been drawn up to try and alleviate the concerns of members, and a report will be produced and issued to the AEU ACT branch executive with recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Whilst this is done it is vital AEU broadens out the messages of this meeting to the relief teacher network. We ask relief teachers who primarily work at one or two schools to contact their sub-branch and raise the issue with the sub-branch so they can support this campaign within your school.
  • We ask attendees of the meeting to report back to other relief teachers what was discussed and ask for their support. If they aren’t members, please try and recruit them. Download membership forms here. By speaking with the largest voice possible we will achieve the greatest gains.
  • AEU will keep you up dated on the timetable of events as things develop.

Andy Jennings
Lead Organiser

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