AEU ACT Member Wins Prestigious Territory-wide May Day Award

Congratulations to AEU member and activist Karl-Erik Paasonen, UnionsACT's Delegate of the Year.

At UnionACT's May Day Dinner last week, long-serving AEU ACT member and Telopea Park sub-branch President and Councillor, Karl-Erik Paasonen, won 2016 Delegate of the Year. The award recognises Karl-Erik's invigoration of his sub-branch, commitment to the AEU's decision-making bodies, and broader social justice campaigning.

Karl-Erik accepts award May Day








Karl-Erik said, “The work of any delegate is only as good as the people that delegate works with on a daily basis... All I’ve done is provide a bit of structure and channel so what colleagues want can come through, as democratically as we can do it. Sometimes that channel leads to school management, sometimes that channel leads to Branch Council. But ultimately, the voice, the energy and power are that of my colleagues.”

We are only as strong as the activity level of all our members. It's great to get this external endorsement of how effective Karl-Erik has been, and it reflect well on our collective work as a whole.

The May Day Dinner by UnionsACT celebrates workers around the world, and is a great opportunity for ACT union members to share our stories and remember why we need to stand up for each other in the workplace.

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