Update on Negotiations to November 22 Council

We continue to pursue nationally competitive salaries, reduced workload and a range of issues not fully addressed in ETD's October 24 offer.

Update on Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

The AEU is adamant that the Government must make a better offer to meet our demand to be in the top three jurisdictions by salary. 

We continue to pursue our core claim for reduced face-to-face hours to facilitate professional learning communities. It was noted that constructive conversations are now occurring at the bargaining table about workload issues and reducing administrivia that takes teachers away from our core duties. Focus group meetings will be facilitated to investigate what aspects of teachers’ workload could be freed up to redirect time to core work.

Ms Erin Aulich, Vice-President AEU Victoria, addressed Council and provided a message of solidarity. She said that other AEU branches across the country are paying close attention to what happens in the ACT because workload is the hot-button issue everywhere. 

Numerous issues have not been fully resolved at the bargaining table, including:

  • Guarantees around analysis of workload impacts wrought by new initiatives
  • Support for teachers of VET
  • Our claim for New Educator Support Plans
  • Our claim for acceptable workplace temperatures
  • Payment to Casual Teachers for Professional Learning
  • Details around Executive Teacher positions and their placements
  • The advertising of principal jobs and detail on the principal remuneration model
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