Vacancies on Branch Executive

All financial members are invited to apply for vacancies on Branch Executive.

There are two vacancies on Branch Executive: a General Membership Representative (open to all members other than preschool and TAFE members) and a Preschool Representative (open only to preschool members). Positions on Executive are elected by the whole membership every two years. As these two vacancies are for less than 18 months, they will be filled by appointment (by Executive). Interested members should submit a 200 word (approximately) Expression of Interest to Branch Secretary, Glenn Fowler at by close of business, Friday May 16.  

The role of Branch Executive is to conduct the affairs of the union between meetings of Council. Thus, Executive plays a key role in determining the direction of our union. Branch Executive meets 14 times a year on Tuesday evenings, between 5.30 and 8.30pm. Branch Executive members are also members of the Branch Council.

Find our who is currently on Executive on our People page.

Read more about the role of Executive in our rules (p. 251 - 254).



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