Volunteer and achieve big things for public education

Elections are central to setting the education agenda for the next four years. We need you to put your name down to help achieve big wins in public education. 

What's better is that we have an easy task ahead of us. All we need you to do is join a team of four (can you bring someone with you?) to go out and wave a sign for one hour. Afterwards, we will head for a social coffee or drink. 

This is important. We have been busy negotiating with all political parties for the best outcomes on our pledge. We have strategically selected three candidates who are likely to hold the balance of power and who can collectively give us great outcomes on every single one of our pledge issues. To read through our pledge, click here. 

In the ACT Election Hare-Clark system, name recognition is really important. That's why we're sign waving on main roads. If we all take this small action, we can make a difference in getting the candidates who support our issues elected. 

When you put your name down, we'll give you a call about the time and place, and talk you through it. It's an easy task that can make the biggest difference for public education. 

There's a lot at stake this election. We've put a lot of work into getting candidates to sign our pledge to deliver for us. Now, we need to show them our support. 


September 20, 2016 at 12pm - October 15, 2016

Will you come?

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