March 22 Council to Vote on New Teachers' Claim

March 22 Council will decide the list of claims we bargain for together this year.

Council will debate and endorse the final version of the bargaining claim we will present to the employer. It's crucial councillors attend to ensure members of your sub-branch are represented in debate and informed of the results. Please RSVP now to let us know you're coming.

  • Our 'claim' is the list of changes we want to our pay and conditions in the new enterprise agreement that will come into effect after the current one expires in September.
  • After extensive input via sub-branches and Council, a draft of our claim was endorsed by Executive in December 2013.
  • On 22 March, 2014, Council will debate and endorse the final version of the claim that we will take into bargaining with the employer.
  • AEU ACT will serve its claim on the ACT Education & Training Directorate on April 1.
  • It's crucial councillors attend March 22 Council to ensure members of your sub-branch are represented and informed.

Please RSVP now for March 22 Council to let us know you're coming. If your sub-branch is one of a handful who have not nominated 2014 councillors yet, please do so via the form here. It’s important your sub-branch has a say in council’s decisions on what we bargain for together.

The Draft Claim in Brief:

1. Reduced face-to-face teaching time. 

2. Nationally Competitive Salaries

3. Maximising permanency 

4. Certainty for teachers nearing retirement 

5. Supporting teachers who are leaving a school against their will 

6. Payment of fees for applying for certification against national standards 

7. Time for Workplace Safety Representatives

8. Time for AEU Sub-Branches to meet 

9. Paid maternity leave for employees who are on Leave Without Pay and working for an employee organisation

10. Appropriate synergy between all teacher appraisal instruments 

11. Domestic Violence Leave 

12. School Principals (Details TBC and moved as amendments at Council) 

13. Meeting the Needs of All Students (Details TBC) 

14. ICT Officer in every school 

15. Reduced face-to-face teaching load for VETiS teachers

16. Teacher Librarians (Details TBC and moved as amendments at Council. 

17. Discrete classification level for School Psychologists which is $8,000 above the top of the Classroom Teacher scale. 

18. Teachers at Birrigai@Tidbinbilla and Instrumental Music Program Teachers operate under the same transfer provisions as all other teachers. 

19: Salary back-dating

Download the Draft Claim

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