Shane and Peter join Branch Executive


Shane Gorman and Peter Curtis have been appointed to AEU ACT Branch Executive.

Congratulations Shane Gorman (Bonython Primary) and Peter Curtis (Namadgi School) on their appointment to positions on AEU ACT Branch Executive.

AEU ACT Branch Executive

Typically elections are held for positions on Branch Executive. However, as these two vacancies are less than 18 months, Executive filled the vacancies by appointment as per our rules. Branch Executive meets 14 times a year (on Tuesday evenings) and conducts the affairs of the union between meetings of Branch Council. Together with Council, Executive provides policy direction to the paid staff in the AEU office in Barton.

Shane Gorman - New General Membership Representative on Executive

Shane has spent a career of 30 years committed to public education and has been a principal for 15 years. He is currently Principal of Bonython Primary School. Previously, he worked across primary and secondary sectors in the special setting of Birrigai. He is the ACT AEU branch representative on the National Principal’s Committee. He has sat on Branch Executive previously.


Peter Curtis - New Preschool Representative on Executive

Peter is continuing on Executive; he is just moving from being the Alternate Preschool Representative to Preschool Representative! That means the Alternate Preschool Representative position is now vacant - we will soon call for expressions of interest. Peter teaches preschool at Namadgi where he runs the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden project. Before coming to the ACT three years ago, he taught in Victorian schools for a decade. He joined the AEU in Victoria and was constantly involved as a Sub-Branch representative and on Executive and Council for six years.



Vacancy on Executive: Preschool Representative (Alternate)

The Preschool Representative (Alternate) position on Executive is now vacant. We’ll be calling for expressions of interest soon. If you’re a preschool teacher, please consider applying. Being on Executive is a great way to have a say in our union and in the way our schools work and you learn a whole lot along the way.

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