What Class Sizes Are We Required To Teach?

As 2016 classes are being formed, the AEU office is available to support all members to ensure we have sustainable class sizes.

Members of the AEU are not required to teach classes which contain more than the following maximums.

Preschools: 25
Kindergarten – Year 3: 21
Years 4 – 6: 30
Years 7 – 9: 32
Year 10: 30
Years 11 – 12: 25

With special needs students in mainstream classes, there should be adequate support to reduce the teaching ratio to accommodate all students in that environment.

ACT Government Commitment on Class Sizes

Over a decade ago the ACT Government made an unambiguous public commitment to maximum class sizes of 21 in Years K – 3. There has been no change of policy since then that would warrant any variation from this commitment.

This clear commitment was reflected in a 2004 communication by Executive Director, School Education, to all Primary School Principals. “In 2001 the ACT Government committed to reduce class sizes for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 to a maximum of 21 students by 2004. In 2002, the Government extended this commitment to include Year 3 students. Funding was provided to meet these commitments.”

AEU ACT Class Sizes Policy


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