What's on for AEU School Assistants in 2016

Lots of opportunities to get involved!

What’s on for AEU School Assistants in 2016

AEU School Assistant Network Meetings:

Our Network Meetings are an opportunity to learn about your rights and conditions at work and to network with other school assistants and discuss what things could help make our working lives better and how we can do to influence this.

Term 1

(scheduled 25 Feb) this meeting will be replaced by three regional meetings to discuss the School Assistant Classification Review. Time & place TBA via email

Term 2 Week 6

Thursday June 2 - 4pm – 6pm – HBCTL Stirling

Term 3 Week 5

**National Support Staff Week August 15 – 19.  Celebration Afternoon Teas 3.30pm – 5.30pm Venues & dates TBC (Tilley’s, Riccardo’s, Little Istanbul)

Term 4 Week 5

Thursday 10 November – 4pm – 6pm HBCTL Stirling       

AEU School Support Officer Conference South Australia: (July stand down)

Each year expressions of interest are sought from all AEU ACT School Assistant members to apply to attend the AEU School Support Officer Conference in South Australia.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about our colleagues in South Australia and how they are involved with the AEU.  The conference also offers a variety of sessions that you will be able to attend. 

AEU ACT funds the successful School Assistant member applicants to attend the conference including flights and accommodation.

AEU Leaders Retreat @ Birrigai: Friday, April 01, 2016 at 09:00 AM through April 02, 2016

Birrigai Outdoor School in Paddys River, Australia

This is an opportunity for all members who would like to enhance their leadership skills or for those who may consider taking on a role within their Sub-Branch or would just like to learn more about how the AEU works.

The 2016 AEU Leadership Retreat will be held at Birrigai Outdoor School on Friday April 1 and Saturday April 2. Save the date - we are looking forward to building on the very successful events we’ve held in recent years. Attendees are eligible to apply for paid industrial leave on the Friday. The AEU advises members to give your supervisor or principal at least fourteen days’ notice in writing when applying for Industrial Leave

There are many more free information sessions, events and conferences that AEU School Assistant members have access to.  Please go to for more information and to rsvp to these events.

**AEU National Support Staff Week – This is a National Event to Recognise and Appreciate the valuable contribution that our School Support Staff make to Public Education. We celebrate with our AEU colleagues in Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania and the Northern Territory.


Come to Council!

The AEU ACT Branch Council meets one Saturday morning a month to discuss the issues facing ACT Educators and to decide how we as a union will address these issues. It is a great way to see how we make decisions as a union, and an opportunity to see passionate and engaged Educators talk about their profession. You also get a snapshot of how other schools across the ACT work. Your sub-branch will elect councillors to represent your school, you can ask them if you can come along as an observer one Saturday. You can also nominate to be a councillor if you want!

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