When we were ‘CEEPed’ · 1982

23._When_We_Were_CEEPed_1982.pngOn 12 March, 1982, over 2000 ACT school and T.A.F.E. teachers are suspended for taking industrial action to achieve better wages. The names of suspended teachers are posted at their schools. The suspensions are possible under the draconian provisions of the Commonwealth Employees (Employment Provisions) Act passed in 1977. Thus, being suspended from our jobs becomes known as ‘being CEEPed’. It is a heavy-handed intervention by Commonwealth Education Minister, Wal Fife, which serves only to unite teachers and the community behind us. The situation is resolved when a hearing of the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission is brought forward and teachers are granted an interim 8% salary increase. In a high inflationary environment, we ultimately win an 18% pay increase.

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