World Teachers' Day 2014


On October 5, global celebrations will mark World Teachers' Day.

Here's how you can get involved in World Teachers’ Day

  • Send a message to the UN Secretary General
    On World Teachers' Day, tell the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, that you support quality education for all, a post-2015 development goal on education, and the global campaign to get all children into school.

    Just text +32473535735, email or tweet hashtag: #unite4ed.

  • Watch this video to find out about the Unite for Education campaign

  • Take part in the Education International survey here

    Education International, the world’s largest federation of trade unions, representing thirty million teachers and education sector workers across the globe, is conducting a survey to assess teaching and learning conditions worldwide. Why? Right now, your country’s representatives to the United Nations are deciding the future of education. Regrettably, they are doing so without any serious effort to understand what is happening in our schools, colleges and universities. Do you have the support required to teach a quality lesson? Does the school provide students with an environment that favours learning? What is needed to improve the education system?

    Your participation is fundamental to us. Take part in the survey:



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