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Council is the highest decision making-body of our union. It is made up of representatives from each school and campus in addition to members of Executive. Councillors represent the views of their workplace colleagues in the deliberations of the ACT Branch as a whole.


Our Executive is directly elected by the whole membership of our union. Its function is to conduct the affairs of the union in between meetings of Branch Council.

Angela Burroughs
ACT Branch President
Roger Amey
Vice President 
Sarah Warren
Vice President 
Karen Noble
TAFE Vice President 

Tahlia Bruce
General Membership Representative
Murray Chisholm
General Membership Representative
Trina Cleary
General Membership Representative
Peter Curtis
General Membership Representative

Holly Godfree
General Membership Representative
Ben Godwin
General Membership Representative
Karl-Erik Paasonen
 General Membership Representative
Katie Slater
General Membership Representative

School Assistant  Representative
School Assistant Alternate Representative
TAFE Representative
Corina Murphy
TAFE Alternate Representative


Our team of full-time paid staff in Barton is here to support you and implement the decisions of Council and Executive.

Glenn Fowler
ACT Branch Secretary
Jacqui Agius
Senior Industrial Officer
Vince McDevitt
Lead Organiser

Antoinette Garside
Business Manager


Patrick Judge
Industrial Officer
Jacob Dunne
Case Support Officer

Malisa Lengyel
Organiser - South
Sean van der Heide
 Organiser - North 

Gerard Dwyer
CIT Organiser

Kayte Flanagan
Organiser Support Officer
Meagan Pearce
Communications Officer
Taylah Kolaric
Membership Coordinator

Lucy Barrett
Administration Officer


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Thursday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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