Our rules and policies

The AEU ACT Branch is governed by Council, composed of elected representatives from all schools and campuses, and Executive, directly elected by members.

Each and every member has a say in the direction of our union through sub-branches located in each workplace.

The Australian Education Union is not affiliated with any political party.


AEU ACT Branch Rules

Standing Orders of Branch Council

AEU Federal Branch Rules

Disclosures to members required by the AEU ACT Branch Rules



AEU ACT Branch Policy and Procedures Manual 2013

We are currently updating our policy manual. Policies will be added below as they are approved.  If individual policy documents are listed below, these have superceded the associated policy in the manual above. If you have any questions around any of these policies, please contact the Business Manager at aeuact@aeuact.org.au or by phoning our office on (02) 6272 7900.

Employee Dispute Resolution - POL052

Employee Professional Development - POL054

Employee Recruitment - POL055

Employment References - POL025

Enhancing Employee Performance - POL043

New Employee Induction - POL053

Access and Equity - POL004

Affirmative Action - POL005

Anti-Discrimination - POL006

Elimination of Bullying - POL022

Elimination of Sexual Harassment - POL023

Employment Conditions - POL017

Equal Opportunity Employment - POL027

Family Friendly - POL028

Frequent Flyer Points - POL032

Time in Lieu - POL057

Audit Management - POL007

Committees - POL016

Conflict of Interest - POL019

Copyright - POL020

Delegations of Authority - POL060

Environmental Sustainability - POL026

Legislative Compliance - POL034

Prevention of Fraud - POL031

Privacy - POL045

Receiving Gifts & Hospitality - POL047

Strategic Planning - POL056

Transparency & Accountability - POL058

Affiliate Membership - POL066

Management of Unfinancial Members - POL059

Member Dispute Resolution - POL038

Member Services - POL038

Member Training - POL039

Membership Fees - POL037

First Aid - POL040

Workplace Health & Safety Officer - POL065

Workplace Health & Safety Risk Management - POL042

Workplace Incident & Injury Management - POL041

AEU ACT is a registered organisation with the Registered Organisations Commission.

ABN: 98 106 001 142


02 6272 7900


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