WOMen's Network

In the ACT, women make up around 75% of our membership.

Across Australia, the AEU has a proud tradition of advancing the rights of women in the workplace. The AEU has led the way, winning significant entitlements for working women, including:

  • The right to request part-time work when returning from maternity leave or unpaid parental leave
  • Paid leave to support victims of domestic violence 
  • Paid maternity leave at full or half pay 
  • Equal pay

Throughout the year, the Women’s Network runs a number of events:

  • International Women’s Day
  • IWD Trivia Night
  • Anna Stewart Memorial Project
  • Rosemary Richards Scholarship
  • National Women’s Conference 

For more information about being involved, contact our Women's Officer, Malisa Lengyel, on 6272 7900 or at malisa.lengyel@aeuact.org.au.


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