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Why join the AEU ACT?

You don’t just get advocacy, advice and great member events from your AEU membership. We also have a suite of other member benefits.

Better pay

With AEU expert industrial negotiators advocating on your behalf, you get much better pay outcomes than would otherwise be the case. Our collective strength and united voice gives us the power to ensure our teacher members are amongst the best paid in the country.

Better superannuation

We all need decent superannuation for a dignified retirement, and that means the employer needs to contribute fairly. Sadly, for most teachers across the ACT there is still a long way to go to secure even a moderately comfortable retirement and that’s why the AEU is campaigning hard to make sure you get it! With our collective strength we are tenaciously building improved superannuation arrangements for members.

Better working conditions

Whether it’s class sizes, face-to-face hours, leave entitlements, professional development opportunities or managing the increasing challenge of occupational violence, the AEU is constantly campaigning to maintain and improve the conditions in your workplace.

Information, advice and support

As a member, you’re just a phone call away from experts who know your job, the rules and the system. Every day members across the ACT seek information, support and advice on various workplace matters including transfer, workload, occupational violence, performance management, probation arrangements, misconduct, leave entitlements, contracts and probation arrangements, just to name a few. Whatever the issue, as a member you have direct access to the information, advice and support that you need, when you need it.

A champion for educators and for public education

Your representatives are constantly meeting with public servants and politicians to make sure they understand what it’s like in the classroom. You also have a voice in the media making sure the community understands the challenges we face and the great work we do.

Support networks for new educators

We know new educators need all the support they can get in meeting the demands of the classroom in their early years, and that’s why AEU members have access to our New Educator Network. This network provides great opportunities for new educators to come together and learn in an informal and supportive environment as they develop their teaching practice.

Someone in your corner at work

To empower, protect and guide members at work, there are established democratic AEU structures and committees across our workplaces. These structures provide forums and mechanisms for members to come together and address workplace issues with the full support and resources available to them from the union office. If you ever run into trouble at work as an individual or as a group, your union is there for you and we stick by each other.

Free Journey Cover insurance

The employer does not provide you with journey cover to and from work. As an AEU member, you’re automatically covered. If you are injured travelling to or from work or professional learning events, you are eligible for income protection under our policy.

Access to the Union Shopper service

With the collective buying power of union members across Australia, you get great deals on electrical products, travel services, cars, computers, phones and more.

Teachers health fund

AEU membership makes you eligible to join Teachers Health Fund, the national not-for-profit health fund designed exclusively for education union members and their families. If you desire private health insurance, this is the one to check out first.

You have a say

You’re part of a democratic organisation in which you have a say. You choose who you feel best represents your interests in your workplace, or you can become a representative yourself.

It's easy, affordable and good value

AEU membership costs less than 1% of your salary, and that’s tax deductible. Your union is a not-for-profit organisation and your fees go to the benefit of all members.

We're fiercely independent

The AEU is not affiliated to any political party. We support sound policy that is in the best interests of our members and our students.

The best thing about working at the AEU is the

passion and willingness to help members with their

issues by the dedicated team in the AEU Office.

Jacob Dunne, Advocate

Additional member benefits

Our union supports members at work and outside of work. We provide great benefits like access to Teachers Health Fund membership, free legal consultations and discounts through Union Shopper.

Teachers health fund

As an AEU member, you are eligible to join Teachers Health Fund.

Teachers Health Fund is a national, not-for-profit health fund designed exclusively for education union members and their families. With over 95,000 members, Teachers Health Fund is the largest restricted membership fund, and the 7th largest private health fund overall.

Union Shopper

As members we can make substantial savings on a huge range of consumer products.

Union Shopper uses the collective buying power of union members across Australia to get you great deals on electrical products, travel services, cars, computers, phones and more.

Slater & Gordon Lawyers

Slater & Gordon Lawyers is proud to partner with the AEU ACT Branch. As a member of the AEU, you are entitled to initial obligation-free consultation on any legal matter, free standard wills for all members and spouses, representation in personal injury matters and more.

Journey cover insurance

The employer does not provide journey cover. As an AEU member, you’re covered.

If you are injured travelling to or from work or professional learning events, you are eligible for income protection under our policy.

Australian Unions Member Benefits

Union Member Benefits are provided to every union member through the ACTU in partnership with your union. As a union member, you can take advantage of the collective buying power of more than 1.8 million members to get big discounts from a great range of companies.

Aware super

Our members work in roles that breathe life into their communities and they expect us to do the same. So we invest in assets that we believe will make a positive difference today – improving our communities, building a more sustainable economy and supporting employment both locally and globally at the same time as providing strong long-term returns.

Member welfare fund

The Member Welfare Fund supports members who find themselves in severe financial hardship.

The AEU ACT Branch Executive can approve an interest-free loan or grant of up to $6,000 based on its assessment of a member’s situation.

If you wish to apply for a loan or grant, please contact the AEU ACT office on 02 6272 7900.

Teachers mutual bank

AEU members can take advantage of virtually fee-free Savings and Investment Accounts, Personal Loans, Housing Loans, Insurance, Travel and a Car Buying Service.

Teachers Mutual Bank exists for the mutual benefit of its members, which means they are focused on ensuring members have a brighter financial future.

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Being an AEU member comes with great benefits, like access to our exclusive, member-only information and advice.