Journey Cover: What is it and how does it work?

  • Journey Cover is available to all AEU members, however the AEU is not the Journey Cover insurer. We are the policy holders for our members. This means the AEU office does not assess or pay out any benefit under the Journey Cover policy. 
  • Journey Cover may protect a maximum of 85% of your income for up to two years if you are in an accident when travelling directly between the boundaries of your place of work and your home. This wording is important, because if you stop (eg. at the shops) on the way home from work, coverage may not extend to you for the trip.
  • AHI are the insurers who manage Journey Cover for AEU members, and they will determine whether your claim is accepted or not. 
  • To be eligible, you must meet the requirements of the Journey Cover as stated above, and you must have exhausted all your personal leave entitlements.
  • The AEU office is only able to help you access the required documents to lodge a claim. We are unable to assist in challenging the outcome of a claim for Journey Cover, nor can we provide any information on your likelihood of success.
  • The AEU office cannot change the eligibility criteria for access to the cover as defined by AHI.
  • The AEU office can provide a referral to Slater and Gordon if you would like to discuss your legal options around personal injury as the result of an accident.
  • To make a claim, contact the AEU office on 6272 7900 and we will provide you with a claim form. 
  • For more information about Journey Cover or your eligibility, please contact AHI. You can view the policy here.


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