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Fair Funding Now! Week of Action

This week is our Fair Funding Now! Week of Action – with your help, we want to send a message to the Prime Minister to fund schools based on need, not on politics. The week includes activities for everyone who wants to make a difference and so that you can tell the Morrison government we want ‘Fair Funding Now!’ for public schools.

A tweetathon last night saw us trending as more than 11,000 tweets went out with the #fairfundingnow hashtag. Here’s the lineup of events for the rest of the week:

  • Today, join our ‘Sign a Friend’ promotion. Ask a friend to join the Fair Funding Now! campaign to show their support for public school funding.
  • On Wednesday 5 September, we’ll be posting a Fair Funding Now! graphic on Facebook – we want you to share it as widely as possible.
  • On Thursday 6 September, email or Facebook this message to your friends to get them to sign up online: All schools should be funded fairly based on the unique needs of each child. But because of changes by the Liberal-National government in Canberra, public schools are missing out on billions in urgently needed funding. Fair funding would mean: smaller class sizes, more one-on-one support, and additional teachers and support staff. Take action at www.FairFundingNow.org.au
  • On Friday Friday 7 September, we’ll be posting a Fair Funding Now! video on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We want you to share it as widely as possible!

Visit our “Week of Action” page at: www.FairFundingNow.org.au/weekofaction for all the details.

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