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2019 New Educator Conference

“Last year – my first year teaching – I went along to the AEU’s New Educator Conference. At the time, my workload was building (around Week 5 from memory) and I felt a little reluctant to leave my classes. However, in the end, it was in theirs and my best interest that I did, as I found this conference to be the most valuable professional development I undertook all year.

The content was relevant and so engaging. We heard from the passionate and hilarious Jane Caro who spoke movingly about the importance of public education. We also listened to informative sessions on occupational violence, information resourcing, the mentor/mentee relationship and last but not at all least, how to look after yourself in your first years of teaching. What made this session in particular so useful was that the AEU had sought out a real live new educator presenter who shared her wisdom in a very personal and articulate fashion. Given the struggles she had encountered, I found her offering courageous. I walked away from the conference feeling like I’d taken a moment to pause and reflect on how I was going and how to achieve greater empowerment through work/life balance and by being armed with professional knowledge. I felt reassured that the AEU is there to support me.

So, I’d like to encourage you all to go to this conference (Jane Caro’s daughter is talking and I’m sure that apple doesn’t fall far…). It’s on Thurs and Fri of Week 4 – right when you might be looking for a moment to take stock.”

This was the feedback from one of the attendees of last year’s New Educator Conference. It was our biggest New Ed Conference ever, and this year we’re aiming to top it!

Our keynote speaker is Polly Dunning (right), the teacher who got Jay-Z to visit her public school in Sydney.

If you’re in your first five years of teaching, these two days are an amazing chance to get some guidance and inspiration as you start your journey teaching in the ACT public system.

This free event runs over two days on Thursday 28 February and Friday 1 March, and you can take paid industrial leave to attend. More details to come, but you can get in early and RSVP now!

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