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It’s That Time Again!

On Friday 5 February, nominations open for your new sub-branch representatives. 

Who will be your sub-branch’s President this year? Which of you would like to represent your sub-branch as a Councillor? Are you passionate about helping new educators through their first few years of teaching? You could be your sub-branch’s New Educator Contact!

It’s time to hold a sub-branch meeting and complete the nomination forms.
Each nominee needs two nominators, and all nominees and nominators must sign the forms. 

You can download the nomination forms here, and there are paper versions on the way to 2020 Sub-Branch Presidents as well. Read the election notice here to find out how many Councillors your sub-branch is allocated. 

2020 Councillors can attend our February Branch Council, but from March only newly elected Councillors will be able to vote at Council. Don’t forget that your new Sub-Branch President will be negotiating and signing off on your site’s EA Implementation Plan by the end of term 1, so make sure you get your forms back ASAP.

Forms must be returned to our office no later than 4.30pm on Friday 19 February.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions about the process. Your school’s organiser is standing by to help!

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