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Public Education Day

It’s time that school funding inequity is addressed by federal politicians.

We call on all federal politicians to commit, as an urgent priority, to: 

– Fund public schools to a minimum of 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard(SRS) which is recognised as the minimum funding requirement to give every child, regardless of their background, the greatest opportunity to achieve their full potential; including fully funded loadings for students with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students from low-SES backgrounds, rural and remote students, and students requiring English language support

– Remove the legislated 20% cap on the Commonwealth share of the SRS for public schools

– Remove the 4% capital depreciation tax in school funding bilateral agreements between the Commonwealth and States/Territories

– Establish a capital fund for public schools to help meet rising enrolment growth and infrastructure needs

Today we’re asking you to add your name to our statement to federal MPs.

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