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Frequently Asked Questions – Annual Teacher Transfer Round

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Under the Enterprise Agreement an annual transfer process occurs for teachers. Teachers are placed at a school for a period of up to 5 years. Placement at a school can be extended if agreed to by a principal.
If a placement is not extended by a principal, the teacher must apply for transfer. Transfers take effect from 27 January in the following year.

Teachers can also voluntarily enter the transfer round prior to the end date for their current placement. This can be for compassionate reasons but can also be on the basis of accessing transfer early.
You should now have been notified that you are required to apply for transfer as part of the annual teacher transfer round, or alternatively you have advised your principal/the Directorate that you wish to transfer early or for compassionate reasons.

This FAQ sheet is intended to assist those of you who are taking part in this year’s transfer round.
The transfer process is complex and involves hundreds of teachers each year being matched to vacancies across the Directorate. It is in everyone’s best interests for good matches to occur, but we understand that this time can be significantly stressful.

We are here to help you navigate the transfer round. If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please get in touch with us at

Why is there an annual transfer process?

Transfer of teachers links closely with quality teaching, professional learning and development. The intent of the transfer process is to help develop a strong teaching workforce, ensuring expertise and experience can move around to different schools in the system. Likewise, the transfer process provides an opportunity for teachers to develop skills and gain experience that might not be available in their current placement.

Transfer is also available to teachers who need to move because of compassionate reasons.

I have been advised by my principal that I need to apply for transfer. Can they do this?

If your current placement is due to end on 26 January 2023 and your placement hasn’t been extended, you will be required to apply for transfer this year. This should have already occurred or you should have been notified that your current placement has or has not been extended.

If your placement is not due to end at your current school on 26 January 2023, your principal cannot end your current placement and require you to apply for transfer.

You cannot be forced to apply for early transfer or compassionate transfer.

Can I challenge a decision made by my principal to end my placement at my school and require me to apply for transfer?

You can seek a review of the decision to end your current placement, however you must notify your principal within 14 days of receipt of their decision to end your placement.

If you are outside of this timeframe, you are unable to seek a review of the decision to require you to enter the transfer round.

I am wanting to leave my school for compassionate reasons. What is it and what do I need to do to apply for it?

Compassionate transfer involves transfer based on an individual’s particular circumstances and needs. Teachers who are seeking to apply as a Compassionate Applicant should have the support from their Principal, and are required to submit a confidential supporting statement including an evidence-based document, such as a detailed medical evidence, and/or court documents etc, directly to the Senior Director, People and Performance Recruitment, at

I have entered the transfer round early or have sought compassionate transfer. My circumstances have now changed and I do not want or need to transfer. Can I withdraw?

Provided that you are an Early Access or Compassionate applicant, you are able to withdraw from the transfer round by mutual agreement with your principal.

It is encouraged that if an applicant withdraws from the transfer round, that this occurs as soon as possible.

My current placement ends on 26 January 2023, but I am planning on going on long-term leave next year. What does this mean for me?

If you are planning on either taking leave for the full 2023 school year or seeking to extend your current leave for the full 2023 school year, your current placement should be extended by a further 12 months by your Principal.

If you are in the transfer round and are proposing to take long-term leave for part of 2023, contact Recruitment to discuss this, in particular if you are proposing to take Birth Leave, Parental Leave, Personal Leave or some form of carer’s leave during 2023.

I am currently on a graduated return to work program but have been told I need to apply for transfer. What should I do?

We recommend that you reach out to us at to discuss potential options.

What do I need to do when applying for transfer?

The Directorate has advised that vacancies will be published on e-mployment on Thursday 15 September 2022. This may be subject to change, so please keep a look out for additional information from the Directorate.

If you are applying for transfer as your current placement is ending, you will be required to nominate a minimum of 5 individual schools from the vacancies. You can apply for any number of vacant positions within each individual school you have nominated, so long as you nominate a minimum of 5 individual schools. Nominating multiple positions at a single school does not reduce the minimum number of schools you need to nominate.

The same requirement is placed on those who have applied for compassionate transfer.
If you have applied for early access transfer, you are required to nominate a minimum of 3 individual schools. Again, you can apply for any number of vacant positions within each individual school you have nominated.

The Directorate has also advised that preferences must be submitted by midnight Sunday 25 September 2022. Again, this may be subject to change so please keep a look out for additional information from the Directorate.

When will I be notified where I will be transferred to?

The AEU is not aware of the precise date you will be notified of the outcome of the transfer process. However, this should occur in the early part of Term 4.

Can I be placed at a school I didn’t nominate?

While it is very unlikely, this can occur. It is in everyone’s best interest to find the best possible match for a teacher as part of this process.

However, the Directorate ultimately retains the power to place staff where they’re needed.

The Directorate has committed to attempting to negotiate placements with staff in the first instance and enacting “system placement” as a last resort.

What if a placement is not found for me?

It is possible that a placement is not found for you following the transfer process. However, this will only occur for a very small percentage of those who are part of this year’s transfer process.

The Directorate is obliged to find a position for you.

If you applied for early access transfer without success, you will continue in your substantive placement.
If you have been required to apply for transfer as your current placement is ending, it is likely that you will be provided a temporary placement for 12 months which could be at your current school. If you are provided a 12 month temporary placement, you will be required to participate in the next transfer round in 2023, however you will be considered a priority for placement as part of that transfer round.

Where can I find further information?

Further information can be found:
ACT Public Sector Education Directorate (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2022 (in particular clauses R2 and R3).
Procedures for filling classroom teacher vacancies
– Education Directorate Intranet page ConnectEd Classroom Teacher Transfer Round for 2023 page
– By contacting the Directorate (

Alternatively, if you require any further information or assistance regarding this year’s transfer round please contact us at

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