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AUKUS Two Years On: Why Should You Oppose it?

AEU members are invited to join members of the ANU Student Association’s Education Action Group at 5:30pm on Monday 21 September at an anti-AUKUS forum.

The speakers are Allan Behm, from The Australia Institute, an ANU staff member specialising in Australia’s foreign and defence policy, and the Education Officer of the ANU Student Association. There will be questions and discussions following the speeches.

The forum is being held in the Kambri Cinema in the Kambri Cultural Centre.

As stated on the Facebook event this is the program for the evening:

“This event is now a part of ‘A Night Against War’, a collaborative evening run with ANU Film Group all within Kambri Cultural Centre and the cinema. The events are as follows:

5:30pm – ‘AUKUS 2 years on: Panel Discussion’ run by ANUSA Education Welfare Action Group

7pm – Light food and a 30 min break

7:30pm – ‘The Road to War’ Screening run by ANU Film Group After the Film – Discussion with Director of ‘The Road to War’ David Bradbury and others.”

The Facebook event link is here:

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