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Union calls on Government to deliver for school leaders

The Australian Education Union’s ACT Branch says that the ACT Government’s revised offer to ACT public school teachers undermines the outstanding work it has done on pay for classroom teachers by continuing to offer a real-terms pay cut to school psychologists and those in school leadership positions, including Principals. The union also noted that there was more detail required before workload reduction measures could be properly considered by its members.

AEU ACT Branch President Angela Burroughs said, “The proposed offer includes a significant pay increase for teachers, which is a positive step towards addressing the teacher shortage crisis. However, teachers have also been calling for measures to address the heavy workload they face, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and expanding expectations on schools to deliver a range of social and mental health services.”

Ms Burroughs said “ACT public school teachers have been working tirelessly to deliver quality education to their students, often at great personal cost. Teachers have reported feeling overwhelmed by their workload, which has led to stress and burnout. While the government’s offer recognises the hard work of teachers, it falls short in addressing their concerns around workload.”

“Furthermore, the pay component of the offer for principals and other teachers in school leadership positions is not good enough. Principals play a crucial role in the education system and are leaders in their communities. Principals have incredibly high workloads and shoulder immense stress. They deserve a pay package that reflects their responsibilities and workload.”

Ms Burroughs said “Teachers have made clear their willingness to stand in solidarity with school leaders to achieve an equitable outcome, including being ready to take strike action if their concerns are not addressed.”

“Teachers play a critical role in shaping the future of the next generation. The government’s proposal goes some way to recognising the importance of the work they do, but there is still work to be done. Teachers and principals deserve a package that not only recognises their contributions through improved pay but also addresses their concerns about excessive workloads.”

The AEU’s Branch Council has called on the government to continue its engagement with the union to ensure a fair and equitable package that addresses their concerns and reflects their contributions to the education system. However, should efforts to improve the government’s position prove unsuccessful, AEU members have called on the union leadership to commence preparations for strike action.

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