18 Sep 2020
Having flooded into Australia to experience a different culture and gain a quality higher education, international students didn’t expect to be left high and dry when the pandemic hit.
8 Sep 2020
Listening to teachers would be a great first step for the prime minister in his rush to restructure the VET system and revive the economy. While no one could disagree with his analysis in his speech to the National Press Club in May that the vocational ed…
28 Aug 2020
When he was only five years old, Akolda’s mother decided they would leave their home in South Sudan and head to Egypt, before finally settling down in Australia a few years later.
21 Aug 2020
Australian vocational education and training has long experience of micro credentials in the form of skills sets. Skill sets were first created in training packages in 2008 and by 2019 there were almost 1,500 training package skill sets.
5 Aug 2020
As the pandemic forced TAFEs into emergency modes of operation, it also proved an opportunity for TAFEs to demonstrate how quickly they could adapt. We looked at some of the innovative ways that teachers and support staff have sprung into action around Au…
27 Jul 2020
Half the new jobs over the next five years will require VET qualifications, according to a report by the Department of Jobs and Small Business yet still TAFE is being starved of funding.
3 Feb 2020
Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent statement that TAFE and universities need to be seen as equal, rests upon virtue that is difficult for anyone to disagree with. Yet it also conceals the sticky and messy politics about striking fair accountabilities …
16 Dec 2019
Faced with a government that pledges to create ‘jobs and growth’ but doesn’t have a national strategy to tackle rising youth unemployment, the National Youth Commission has stepped up to run their own national inquiry.


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