7 Aug 2019
Australia has been through another hard-fought federal election, in which public debate focused predictably on which party are the “best economic managers.”
30 Jul 2019
Like many members, I had high hopes on Election Day as I handed out how to vote cards in my electorate, believing that this election was the best shot we had at restoring TAFE to its former glory.
16 Jul 2019
The Morrison Government was silent on its policy for TAFE during the election campaign and there was no mention of TAFE in the Federal Budget revealed just prior to the election. Jonathan Guy, AEU Strategic Research Officer looks at the future for TAFE…
3 Jul 2019
TVET institutions are institutions and not providers. There is a big difference between the two. The notion of a provider implies one among many, and it doesn’t much matter if it is this or that provider which is providing the ‘service’. Providers come an…
19 Jun 2019
There are many pathways to university study, but Sue Leech’s story is different to most -she started her academic life behind bars. "Going into prison you feel like your life is over." Leech told this year’s AEU Federal Conference. "You feel like you ha…
8 May 2019
A community doorknock event held in Frankston has emphasised the strength of public support that TAFE enjoys in the community.
6 May 2019
“Scott Morrison’s Budget continues the Federal Coalition’s agenda of privatising vocational education…”
8 Jan 2019
A team of 23 young Australians are competing to fly the flag for Australia on the global stage of the WorldSkills International Championships in Russia this year.


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