5 Aug 2020
As the pandemic forced TAFEs into emergency modes of operation, it also proved an opportunity for TAFEs to demonstrate how quickly they could adapt. We looked at some of the innovative ways that teachers and support staff have sprung into action around Au…
27 Jul 2020
Half the new jobs over the next five years will require VET qualifications, according to a report by the Department of Jobs and Small Business yet still TAFE is being starved of funding.
3 Feb 2020
Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent statement that TAFE and universities need to be seen as equal, rests upon virtue that is difficult for anyone to disagree with. Yet it also conceals the sticky and messy politics about striking fair accountabilities …
16 Dec 2019
Faced with a government that pledges to create ‘jobs and growth’ but doesn’t have a national strategy to tackle rising youth unemployment, the National Youth Commission has stepped up to run their own national inquiry.
6 Dec 2019
Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) could be reinvigorated by building better links between education, work and life, a new report argues.
11 Nov 2019
TAFE President Michelle Purdy sat down with the newly elected Federal TAFE Secretary Maxine Sharkey to find out her top agenda items and how she stays so motivated to Stop TAFE Cuts!
7 Aug 2019
Australia has been through another hard-fought federal election, in which public debate focused predictably on which party are the “best economic managers.”
30 Jul 2019
Like many members, I had high hopes on Election Day as I handed out how to vote cards in my electorate, believing that this election was the best shot we had at restoring TAFE to its former glory.


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