2 Sep 2018
The Australian Labor Party is continuing to work on its proposed Commission of Inquiry, and recently asked for submissions to help consider what the Terms of Reference for this Inquiry should be. The Australian Education Union contributed a substantial su…
19 Aug 2018
This article is Part One of a Two Part series, and considers the institutional beginnings of TAFE and highlights how TAFE came about and concludes by focusing on TAFES distinctive role.
23 Jun 2018
In this piece Professor Wheelahan takes a closer look at how TAFEs are being funded, and the effects of underfunding.
17 Jun 2018
Jim Stanford reflects on the transformation of the world of work and the importance of TAFE in a changing world.
10 Jun 2018
There is a lot of discussion and debate aboutVET FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans. But are these income contingent loans fair?
2 Jun 2018
Anne Jones looks at how we can design education to nurture the capabilities needed for an active and equitable citizenship in a digital society.
25 May 2018
National TAFE Day is being held on Tuesday 19 June. Here are some ideas to get involved.
18 May 2018
TAFE colleges and campuses across Australia have been significant key public education institutions for over four decades. The educational mission and breadth of the important work that TAFE does is unfortunately not well understood or recognised.


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